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It is one thing to know your purpose...but another to know what it's worth...

 With a passion for growth and development in the lives of individuals from all walks of life; Dr. Nathaniel Wells is a serial-entrepreneur, scholastic educator, consultant, philanthropist, and frequent international impact speaker.


Dr. Wells serves as the senior Apostolic leader of The RAMP International Network, which covers a growing number of ministries in 3 African Nations, the United Kingdom, Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States; which is based in Orlando, FL.             


Dr. Wells has spoken in over 40 nations and has authored 29 books.  Featured on 6 Christian television networks, ABC Family, B.E.T Network,  and several international publications; he is often noted as a core respected prophetic and apostolic voice on leadership development in Christendom - who has appeared in arenas of up to 30,000 plus attendees as a keynote speaker. 


Wells is often times noted for the “In your Face” messages he delivers at various conferences, churches, and schools; with the focus of recalibrating crippled mindsets and teaching individuals methods of applied success principles. 


He is passionate concerning the advancement of future generations, as a sought-after speaker and leadership development trainer, who carries out the mandate of an Apostolic father; who brings current and relevant clarity concerning God and His Kingdom.


Additionally, Wells is socially recognized as a media personality, mentor, business-mind, consultant, real estate investor, and the transformational Destiny Coach of the Growth Patterns Tour.

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