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Q: How do I book Dr. Wells?

A: Complete and submit the online "Booking Request Form". The required fields must be completed before pressing the "Submit" button. As you are aware, there are many details that go into bringing an artist or minister to a city for an event. Please complete the "Booking Request Form" and provide as much information as possible. This will assist us in the initial booking process. Please be aware that this serves as an invitation-only, NOT a confirmation of appearance; it will merely assist us in making the best decision possible while doing all we can to meet your requested dates. 

The online booking form must be received before the request can be properly submitted.


Q: What does it cost to book Dr. Wells at my event/venue?

A: The hosting organization is to provide both travel and hotel accommodations.

Construction Zone Ministries International, Inc. request the following travel accommodations for booking Dr. Wells:

1. Standard air travel: Typically (2) first-class tickets - there should be (1) ticket for Dr. Wells and (1) ticket for traveling assistant.  

2. Hotel accommodations, with a copy of Hotel Reservations and Receipt (which should include 1 standard suite and 1 standard double), keys to the hotel rooms, should be made available for retrieval by Dr. Wells' assistant upon arrival at front desk. (any Hilton property)


Re: an honorarium, if we are able to accommodate your request, the remaining financial details will be discussed with you at a later date.


Q. How many people travel with Dr. Wells?

A. Typically, there is one assisting minister. However, the size of the event and demand that will be placed upon Dr. Wells will ultimately determine the number of those accompanying him. 


Q. Would Dr. Wells come just to sing/lead worship for my church?

A. Yes. At this time, he is limited in accepting requests for a "1 solo only' event or service. A typical ministry engagement would include a few songs (concert-segment). Please indicate further details when making the initial Booking Request .


Q. Is there a minimum amount of people that have to be in my church for Dr. Wells to come?

A. Dr. Wells always wants to reach as many people as possible with the message of Empowerment however, there is not a minimum amount of people required for him to come minister at your church.


Q. Will Dr. Wells come to my church for free?

A. As much as he would love to come and be a blessing in that way, there are expenses and overhead costs that must be met each week. If he is able to accept your request, we will do what we can to work within the budget of your event.


Q. Will he preach my entire conference? 

A. Typically, he is available to facilitate 1-3 services, however, there are exceptions (revivals/crusades). We will review your requested dates via the Online Request Form, and determine if the schedule can accommodate the dates/times needed.


Q. How do I know when Dr. Wells is available?

A. Please check the DNW Itinerary Schedule, or email with your requested dates and a representative of our team will respond within 48 hours of your correspondence to see if there is an opening for your event. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact us.


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