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How We Do Business at Majestic




There are Two options for payments for your convenience:


(1) 50/50 - A 50% deposit is to be paid upfront before we start your project. Unless we are unable to commit to completing the work within one week of the original start date, this is non-refundable. The remaining 50% will be due before the project is officially released. There will be sample Watermark on your project in the proof version until the full payment is collected.


(2) Upfront - Pay full amount upfront and receive one revision of the completed project. This is a good option for larger projects. Payment Method - We prefer electronic payments if all possible (Paypal, Square, Bank draft). Other preferred payment methods are money orders or certified checks. Personal checks are the last resort if the previous options are not possible.

All Payments can be conveniently be made through PayPal or Square. ** If you do not have a PayPal account click on the section that is labeled "Don't have a PayPal account"? This will allow you to use a standard credit or debit card to complete the transaction. Our PayPal email address is:





  • New projects at Majestic are based on our workload at the time of your submission. We cannot guarantee immediate production of new projects. When we assess the workload of your new potential project, we will either provide a proposal or a quote the will include our completion date and pricing. Deposits must be paid within the specified timeframe in order for us to keep the proposed schedule. The average turnaround time for most of our projects ranges from 24 to 72 hours for a proof. For websites, proofs are generally available within 5 business days. (1 Proof during Development, 1 Proof After Final Payment)

  • If we accept a rush order/request, additional fees will be applied.

  • During the process of development (especially websites) we will provide previews for approval and feedback. Once the design is approved, we will complete the project based on the approved 1st Proof of the design. At this point, any modifications to the design will render additional costs and delay the completion date.

  • Based on the requirements of a particular project we will ask for information, files, etc. to be provided within a particular timeframe. If these items are not provided within the specified timeframe, it will cause a delay in completion time, and we will begin working on the next project/client in cue.

  • Pictures that you would like included on your project are requested to be Professionally drafted, i.e (taken on a Digital SLR Camera. Pictures should not be taken using cell phones, or infrared monitoring. Image retouching is available for an additional cost if your images are not of at least of 16 megapixels quality.





  • We prefer communication via E-Mail. We do provide communication via phone (based on scheduled calls and availability, nonspontaneous calls).

  • Our working hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm EST. Any calls received outside of these parameters will usually be returned based on availability.

  • For contact information please write to us via email at


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